Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My Baby Turns 1!

Brooks 1 day old
It is so hard for me to believe that this time last year I was sitting in the hospital holding a tiny 5lb 8oz precious baby boy,, and tonight I sat in the living room and rocked my 1 year old 23 pound little boy to sleep. I laid him in his bed and just cried. It is just so hard to believe that he is already 1. It just seems like yesterday we were bringing him home. Wow, where does the time go??
This morning his daddy went and got him out of his bed and we both sang happy birthday to him. He looked at us like we were crazy. When he got to school his teacher sang to him and he looke at her like she was crazy! ha it was to funny. Silly little boy!
Wow there is so much I could say about this little fellow. He has brought so much joy to Michael and I and both of our families. He was the first grandchild on both sides of our families so he is spoiled rotten!
Just a few things he is doing now:
~He will stand up and take a few steps but quickly realizes he is not holding on and will sit down.
~No more bottles. He has been off the bottle since 10months and just switched completely to whole milk this week! Yay no more of that expensive formula
~Can say mama, dada, and bye bye
~He can throw the ball with you and knows what go get the ball means
~Loves to take a bath and will make a mess if you let him
~Loves for you to chase him he thinks that is really funny
~goes to bed between 730 and 8 and sleep until 630 or 7
~Does not like to be thrown up in the air it terrifies him
~He is scared to death of the vaccum cleaner
~he has started being such a better snuggler and I love this!!
Thank you God for blessing Michael and I with such a perfect child. Children a such a gift from the Lord. I feel so blessed that God placed Brooks in our life. Daddy and I love you somuch and could not have asked for a more perfect child. We hope you have a wonderful day and look forward to many more years and watching grow. We love you little man!!

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