Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My Baby Turns 1!

Brooks 1 day old
It is so hard for me to believe that this time last year I was sitting in the hospital holding a tiny 5lb 8oz precious baby boy,, and tonight I sat in the living room and rocked my 1 year old 23 pound little boy to sleep. I laid him in his bed and just cried. It is just so hard to believe that he is already 1. It just seems like yesterday we were bringing him home. Wow, where does the time go??
This morning his daddy went and got him out of his bed and we both sang happy birthday to him. He looked at us like we were crazy. When he got to school his teacher sang to him and he looke at her like she was crazy! ha it was to funny. Silly little boy!
Wow there is so much I could say about this little fellow. He has brought so much joy to Michael and I and both of our families. He was the first grandchild on both sides of our families so he is spoiled rotten!
Just a few things he is doing now:
~He will stand up and take a few steps but quickly realizes he is not holding on and will sit down.
~No more bottles. He has been off the bottle since 10months and just switched completely to whole milk this week! Yay no more of that expensive formula
~Can say mama, dada, and bye bye
~He can throw the ball with you and knows what go get the ball means
~Loves to take a bath and will make a mess if you let him
~Loves for you to chase him he thinks that is really funny
~goes to bed between 730 and 8 and sleep until 630 or 7
~Does not like to be thrown up in the air it terrifies him
~He is scared to death of the vaccum cleaner
~he has started being such a better snuggler and I love this!!
Thank you God for blessing Michael and I with such a perfect child. Children a such a gift from the Lord. I feel so blessed that God placed Brooks in our life. Daddy and I love you somuch and could not have asked for a more perfect child. We hope you have a wonderful day and look forward to many more years and watching grow. We love you little man!!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Brooks 1st birthday party!

Brooks and Jackson (Brooks in red, Jackson in yellow) Brooks knows he is not suppose to play on this and now he has Jackson playing on it. I smell trouble with these two!!

Brooks with his grandparents. Can you say spoiled rotten????

Brooks sitting in his rocking chair. This was mine when I was a little girl. Bett and Papa gave this to him for his birthday. It looks brand new!!

I like my new chair!

Jackson, Levi, and Chaney having fun

Saturday we had Brooks' 1st birthday party. We just had family over for the party but I think we had 35 people there! We had such a great time and Brooks was such a good birthday boy. Brooks is so blessed to have such a wonderful family on both sides of the family. It was so nice to have both families together. You could feel the love they all have for each other and our sweet little boy Thank you all for coming to help us celebrate such a special time in his life. I can't believe that it has already been a year. The time has just flown by. Michael and I are so blessed to have such a healthy and loving baby boy. He is perfect!
Today I have not felt so well and I don't know if Brooks can tell or what, but he has been the sweetest thing today. He is not a big snuggler and I love to snuggle. Well today I was laying in the living room floor and he just came and laid the floor beside me and was so sweet. He laid there for the longest time. Then this afternoon I wanted to take a nap and decided to let him lay with me instead of in his bed. He was such a snuggle bug and we slept for 2 hours. Then tonight he sat in my lap and rocked and played in my hair for a whole episode of Dora!! Wow what a great day with my little boy it sure made me feel better. I love you little man and you will never know the joy you have brought into my life.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Brooks and Reese playing

Cheese Reese!!

In his big boy seat!! Where does time go????

I love this seat!!

Sweet BOY!!
I can't believe next month we will be celebrating Brooks 1st birthday!! Wow time flies. He is crawling and pulling up on everything. HE will let go at times but when he realizes he is not holding on he will sit down. Believe me I am not rushing him walking b/c that is just one more step to him growing up! SO SAD!! He finally has his first tooth!! YAY!! He can say mama and dada. He loves to throw the ball this is his new trick and his daddy loves it. Imagine that!! Do not let that sweet face fool you this little boy knows how to throw a fit. It is amazing at such a young age they learn to do this. He does not like to have his diaper or clothes changed and this is when we battle the fits. Just wanted to post a few pictures of Brooks and give a little update.
We had dinner with some friends the other night and Brooks friend Reese was there. They love playing together. They are also in day care together so they see a lot of each other.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Brooks Surgery

Brooks in his hospital gown. This picutre of course is before the procedure!
Today Brooks had to have tubes put in his ears. We had to be at the hospital a 6 this morning so we had to leave our house at 515. He slept the whole way and woke up when we got there. He was in a really good mood and was smiling at everyone. They put us in a room and a little before 7 they came in to get him, still smiling. After being gone about 10 min they called and told us they had started and he was doing fine. The Dr came in about 10-15min later and said he did well. Everyone kept warning us that they usually come back not happy at all. I thought tomyself Brooks is really laid back and he probably will be fine, bc he rarely meets a stranger. The nurse came to the door and said they just called and are bringing him over. I had the bottle ready and she said well I do not hear him and I thought to myself I knew he was going to be good! Boy was I wrong bc 5 seconds later I could hear him screaming his lungs out like I had never heard before. The lady handed him to me and he was kicking and screaming and I could do nothing to calm him down. He did not want his bottle and nothing I did seemed to soothe him. Michael and I both had no clue what to do. After about 15 min he calmed down a little and drank some of his bottle and then they let us go. He has been perfect since we left. We got home about 9 and put him in his bed and he slept until 12!! Yay momma and daddy both got a nap! Thanks for all of you who prayed for our sweet baby. He is back to his happy little self now and in to everything. The nurses and doctors were wonderful and they all assured us that they were going to take great care of our little boy.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Trip to the Beach and Fun with friends at the Lake

Exhausted after a day at the lake. Brooks fell asleep on the boat on the ride back to the house.

Brooks with his girlfriend Reese

Brooks and Reese
Nothing better than a naked baby in their diaper!

Isn't she adorable! She cracked me up she would lay on her side and put her hand on her hip. So stinking cute!! Brooks and her daddy had a long talk Sat. morning! ha

Brooks and Reese playing
This past weekend we went with some of our good friends Hank and Shelley to their Lake house. It is so nice out there and we had a great time. Brooks loved the boat ride and loved playing in the water. We can't wait to go again!

Precious Smile!

Silly Face!!

First trip to the beach. Daddy and Brooks playing in the water.

Silly Boys!!

We went to my aunt's beach house Memorial weekend. This was Brooks first time to go to the beach. He was a little unsure of the water at first b/c it was so cold, but after about 10min he loved it. He got to play with his cousin Jackson one day. We had a really great time and hope to go back again before the summer is over!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

First Mother's Day!

Brooks made this for me at church, it was so sweet!

Brooks with Grammy and Pappy. They love this little boy so much. Two of the greatest people in this world. I pray every day you will be able to remember these 2 people. They have truly been a blessing to me and have blessed our family in so many ways. They love you more than you will every know along with their other 9 great grandchildren.

Loving on Bett. We love you and had a great day with you. Thank you mom for being a great mother. I love you so much.

Brooks with Grammy and Bett

To wonderful little boy! Thank you for making me a mommy! I love you and can't imagine life without you!
Well I was on call for my first mother’s day, but thank goodness, I only had to work for 2 hours. My mom and grandparents were able to come over and spend the afternoon with us. It was so great to be with 2 of the greatest women I know. Growing up I always dreamed of the day that I would have my own child. For those of you who know me you know that, I love children. I spent many of my high school and college days babysitting, not b/c I had to but b/c I loved being around children. It is so hard for me to believe that I am now a mother. I have so many mixed emotions about being a mother. I worry that I will make mistakes as a mother. I am scared for what lies ahead for him in this world. It scars me to death to think about all the things in this world that could hurt him. I use to think my mom was crazy wanting to know where I was all the time and asking me all kinds of questions and now I understand. Some things I love about being a mother.
- walking in to day care and Brooks seeing me and his those big brown eyes looking up at me with a big smile and him starting to cry if I do not hurry up and pick him up.
- the way he reaches for my face when he is real sleepy and wants to rub my face
- Going in to his room in the morning and seeing that happy face
- Knowing that no matter how bad my day is I get to go home and play with my happy little baby boy
- Listening to my little man laugh out loud when his crazy momma sings silly songs to him
- Watching him play in the bath tub
- Watching him and his daddy in the mornings and knowing that I have a great husband and baby
- Last but not least Having the most perfect baby boy a mother could dream of. I never knew how much I would love this little boy and just how perfect he would be.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

8 months already????

Thank heaven for this little boy! Michael and I are so blessed to have this beautiful heatlhy baby boy! Look at those eyes!!

2 of the greatest boys in my life! I love them both so much and don't know what I would do without them!

Brooks giving Jackson some sugar! I'm sure it won't be like this next year! They will probably be fighting!

Look at these 2 handsome boys!

Daddy and Brooks

Wow!!!! Where has all the time went. This time last year we were preparing for this little angel to get here and thought it would never happen. Now time is flying by and he is growing so fast. He is such a good baby even though he has his moments at time usually when it is nap time or bed time and we do not have his bed. This is the biggest problem we have with him. He does not like to be rocked to sleep. He wants to be put in his bed and left alone. Good in some ways but so sad in others. He sleeps all night long. Usually goes to bed around 730 or 8 and sleep until 63o or 7 the next morning. His first word is Da Da!! Ugh!! I tried so hard for Ma Ma but it did not happen. Oh well. I know he still loves me and it made his Daddy happy. He is trying to crawl. He can scoot across the floor. Just figured out today how to get on his kness and rock so I figure he will be everywhere in the next week or so. Michael and I were watching him in the tub the other night and both got so sad at how much he has grown. He doesn't look like a baby anymore he is starting to look like a little boy. SO SAD!!! We are truly blessed to have such a happy little boy and do not know what we did without him. Sorry I have been a bad blogger lately but baseball, work, and a baby have taken up most of my time the past 2 months. Hopefully I will do better.

notice his outfit is soaking wet! Come on teeth!!!